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We are not from West Virginia. I promise.

Gotta love my crazy family! :)


I was pondering...If we are keeping our eyes focused on Christ, His reflection should be in our eyes.

When the stresses and busyness of life take over, our stress is a reflection of taking our eyes off of Christ and focusing on the stresses.

When we focus on the problems we are facing, rather than letting our Father handle the problems, we reflect the negativity of the situations around us.

We are all examples. We are all being watched in the fishbowl of our world. What do people see in us? or better yet, Whose reflection do they see?

As I heard it said once, "Always keep the Son in your eyes."

Organ Donation?

So, I have been following the events in the life of Tricia and Nathan Lawrenson ( If you haven't read their story yet, you need to. They are going through an amazing journey. Their willingness to share their journey with everyone has had quite an impact on so many lives. God must smile when He sees how they have allowed Him to use their situation for good.

Anyway, my hubby is an organ donor...has been for a long time. I am not...yet. Now I am reading about Tricia and others who are praying for a miracle...

So now I wonder what your thoughts are on organ donation. I have heard both sides of the coin, but I am curious, friends. What do you think?

The Lawrenson Family

I have been following the story of the Lawrenson family for several months now.  They have been sharing the story of their life with the world.  (  Check it out.  You will be blessed.
Please keep praying for Tricia as she awaits her double lung transplant.  Pray for Gwyneth that she will grow.  And pray for Nathan as he watches and waits for both of his girls to be healed.

Tornados and Snow

This week we have been to the north and the south...visiting the in-laws in Georgia and my parents in Pennsylvania.  The trip to GA was interesting...tornados and terrible weather. Then we had snow in PA.
We had a great time.  It is interesting to see how different our families are though.  One likes to go a thousand miles a minute.  The other likes to stay at home.  
In GA, we had family pictures taken. It was a lot of fun.  We also got to see our nephew for the first time.  He is a cutie!  The kids loved playing in PaPa's new fifth wheel.  I think the highlight of the weekend was eating dinner in the trailer instead of in the house.
We had a great time with my family in PA.  Jonathan loves Uncle Kenny's PS2.  He seems to think that he needs one now.  :)
So, after three Easter hunts and a week of spring break, things are finally back to normal.

The Attempt to Blog

While I am an avid blog reader, I am not much of a writer.  So here is my attempt to become a blogger... it may be just a feeble attempt, but I am attempting none the less.
So, here are the reasons why I chose to name my blog "Love, Laughter and a Good Dose of Chocolate":
1.  I love a lot of things: my God, my family, my friends, reading, Ikea, warm blankets, rain, cinnamon candles and more.  I hope to share more about the things I love.
2.  Laughter... contagious laughter.  I love to laugh with people...and usually when they laugh, it makes me laugh... so I hope to share funny things.
3.  A good dose of chocolate:  hmmm.... need I say more?  So, I love chocolate (just not white chocolate).  I love chocolate by itself, hot chocolate, chocolate cheesecake.  I even used to eat chocolate cheese when I was a kid.  So, I hope to share some of the sweet things in life.