Organ Donation?

So, I have been following the events in the life of Tricia and Nathan Lawrenson ( If you haven't read their story yet, you need to. They are going through an amazing journey. Their willingness to share their journey with everyone has had quite an impact on so many lives. God must smile when He sees how they have allowed Him to use their situation for good.

Anyway, my hubby is an organ donor...has been for a long time. I am not...yet. Now I am reading about Tricia and others who are praying for a miracle...

So now I wonder what your thoughts are on organ donation. I have heard both sides of the coin, but I am curious, friends. What do you think?


MilePost13 said…
PS. Organ donation is a beautiful gift.
katiecutehair said…
I am pro organ donation. It's not like your gonna use them. Your dead. It's not like your family is going to cherish them, they will be burried. I just think it is a beautiful way to help someone else. Go for it girlee!
girlie girl said…
Welcome to the blogging world! (saw your address on Facebook).

I did a lot of research on organ donation in college for a persusive speach I had to do in Public Speaking class. I learned a lot. After the speach, several people told me they planed to change thier status.
It really is a gift.

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