Are you smarter than a first grader?

My son is in first grade...typical child...thinks he knows everything and then some. :)

But, he sure has taught me a why everything should be dipped in Ranch dressing, and why tank tops should be worn in the winter, and why it is reasonable to ask for a horse even though you live in the city.

Seriously, he is a giver...loves to bring me dandelions (guess he doesn't know much about what allergic means yet!). He is so happy to bring mommy a flower.

He is a forgiver. When I do something wrong, he always says, "Oh, Mom, it's okay."

He is a good friend. He hugs everyone he knows. He likes to make people happy.

He is fun. There is always something fun to do when he is me, I have learned more about sports than I ever dreamed possible.

Sometimes, I think we need to take note of the simple things. Love each other. Give instead of receive. No matter what you do, have fun. And, most importantly, forgive.

I hope to remember to be as smart as my first grader! (and the One who is our Example).


katiecutehair said…
I think J is an exceptional first grader, but perhaps I am a little bias. Good thoughts though... Maybe I should spend some time today thinking WWJD, only let Jonno be a temporary substitution.
Give him a squeeze for me :)
Becky said…
I think Jonno is learning from Jesus. :) Glad to give him a Miss Katie squeeze. He keeps asking to come visit you...

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