New Lungs for Tricia

Tricia Lawrenson ( had a double lung transplant today. Praise the Lord! Their story has touched so very many people, and you cannot help but think that God is looking at Nate and Tricia and saying "Well done, my good and faithful servants."

Tricia's CF was taking away her life. Now someone had to give their life so that she could have new lungs. It is difficult to wrap your brain around. One family is mourning, another is rejoicing. While I am grateful and happy that she is so blessed, I am sad for the family that lost their loved one. Please pray for both families.

Hug your loved ones. And be grateful for the chance to live...


Anonymous said…
Hello Becky,I was just wondering if you personally know the Lawrence's? I've been following their story since you posted a prayer request for them way back in Dec. or Jan. What a testimony of faith they have, I've been praying for them daily and have been so encouraged by their steadfast and strong faith as they journey through this time in their life.
katiecutehair said…
What a blessing life is. I will definately be remembering both families as they are dealing with the ramifications of the loss and blessing.
Love you

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