Two Weeks and Counting

I am sooooo excited! My wonderful hubby is allowing me to go on a week-long trip to London to visit my wonderful friend Katie. Though I am a little nervous traveling internationally by myself for the very first time, I am so thrilled for the opportunity to visit her (and see the sights of course!).

So, Kates, can't wait to see you, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and about a million other things!

Now, if I could only decide what to pack...


katiecutehair said…
I am counting the days... Can't wait to see you and share with you my new adventure. Don't worry about the packing... It's not like your going to Timbuktu ;)
So happy you get to go and visit your friend. Eric and I are leaving tomorrow night for FL and I am a little nervous about flying since its been a long time since I have flown but I know God is going to be in control. Have fun!

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