Happy Birthday, Katie!

So today was Katie's birthday, and after a late start to my day, I decided to explore her town of Weybridge.

It is an adorable little town lined with quaint shops and cafes. I ventured into several shops, but I have to say that I enjoyed the grocery store the most. I spent an hour walking the aisles and looking at all of the unique food items. (Did you know they call cookies "digestives" and "biscuits"?) The bread aisle was amazing with all of the varieties of fresh breads. I had a hard time deciding on what to purchase, so I ended up with stuff to make tacos for Katie (I brought the seasoning with me on the plane because they don't sell it here). I also bought yummy dark chocolate melt in the middle puddings (molten chocolate cakes) to celebrate her bday.

I thought I would be adventurous for lunch and purchased a veggie pasty. It is kind of like a puff pastry with cooked filling inside. They sell them with meats and gravies, but I had the veggie kind. It was very good.

We enjoyed our night just talking and eating and laughing. It's back to London tomorrow!

Cheers! And happy birthday, Katie!


Mmm, the molten chocolate cakes made me hungry!

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