Loving London!

Well, it was my first full day in London. Katie and I had a lovely day...breezy and gorgeous and filled with a lot of fun.

We started out at the London Eye. It was amazing to see the city from so high in the air. I highly recommend it to anyone travelling here.

Then we went to Parliament Square and saw Big Ben and took about a hundred pictures. We went to Westminster Abbey. It was amazingly beautiful. It was hard to believe that many of the people who were buried there have been dead longer than America was a country. Poets corner was my favorite...the graves of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters along with so many other amazing authors. I literally got a bit teary-eyed when I read the inscription on the tombstone of David Livingstone.
I ate a lovely tomato and mozzarella sandwich on the lawn of Westminster. Yum!

Later in the day we visited Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace which was truly a sight to behold. I plan to go back tomorrow to try to see the changing of the guard.

We strolled through lots of gardens. We saw the Tower of London and walked across the tower bridge.

I cannot believe how much we did in one short day. My feet are complaining though.

Katie gave me my birthday present (train tickets), and we are going to go to PARIS on Saturday. How cool is that?! It is her b-day tomorrow, so we will celebrate somehow.

Well, that is all for now. And as they say here, "Cheers."


girlie girl said…
Very cool! Keep the pictures coming!
shanap03 said…
Beck, I didn't know you had a blog until I seen it on facebook. I just wanted you to know the whole time I was reading it I cried! I miss you guys so very much and you are such a great woman! You always say just what I need to hear with out even knowing it! I hope you continue to post and say everything from your heart! Because I know it is a blessing to me! I love you so much!! And miss you too!! Shana
Hi, Becky. I just looked at the alumni list from PCC and saw your name...and your blog. I am a blogger too, so immediately I was intrigued.

I read through the first page of your blog and I like your style. :-) Short, sweet, funny, Godly.

Have fun in London. I'll be reading along.

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