Those friends you call in the middle of the night...

Do you have those friends that you can call at midnight and talk to through wee hours of the morning?  You know the can go into their house and feel like family.  You know where they keep the can opener...and the extra TP.  :)  
I am so blessed to have friends like that.  

There's Katie...she lives farther than a reasonably priced phone call away, but when we are together, it seems as if we were never apart.  We laugh hysterically together, we cry together and we eat large quantities of bacon together.  
Then there's Paula.  I can call any or night and know that my heart will be blessed. She's been there at those middle of the night moments when life felt like it was going to end. We are not only connected in our hearts but by our brains.  

I miss that here in Lynchburg.  I have met some amazing women, but no one that fits into that category yet.  Someday, I hope to have a friend like that close by, but until then I will cherish those who have become such a part of my being.  Those who have made me a better person than I ever would have been without them in my life.

And to the MANY other girlfriends out there who have touched my life in many ways:  I love you!


katiecutehair said…
That is beautiful! I am so glad that laundry and a bookstore started our amazing friendship.
I miss you soooo much and love you and your family that much too.

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