Wish I Were with You

A couple of years ago, I worked at Second Baptist in Springfield, MO in the worship office. We had the BEST team work environment ever. We knew each other's strengths and weaknesses and utilized that knowledge to make an efficient work environment. Every summer we led a Summer Arts Festival...and every year, it got better and better.

Since then, I have moved and my boss moved. And tonight is J.P.'s last night at SAF. Oh, how he will be missed! I don't think people realize how much effort and heart he puts into things. He is one who doesn't do things for recognition or glory. He quietly goes about and does his job to honor God. There will definitely be a void there... But I am confident that God is going to use him greatly in this new ministry he is going to.

So then there was one. P2, know you are not alone. God is still weaving our stories into the direction He wants them to go. I am sorry we left you...wish I could be there to help lessen your load.

It is hard when there are changes, but yet life is always changing. I don't think I will ever get used to it. But we adjust. We move on. And we grow.

So, my dear friends, I am praying for you tonight. May God surround you with His love...and healing for those growing pains.


katiecutehair said…
I like it when your thoughtful and contemplating in your blogs :)

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