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Flames Kid's Club Night at Chick-fil-a

Liberty has a great kid's club for the sports season. For $20, kids get into all of the home games for free. Plus, they get a free T-shirt and have great kid's nights like tonight. All members of the club got a free kid's meal and free ice cream. Plus, they got to meet several of the men's and women's basketball players. J got a ton of autographs and had a great time...though he wasn't too sure about talking to the women's basketball players or the cheerleaders. :)

A few more pics from D.C.


A little family time...

We have had a good summer...and each one of us has had some time away in some form, but we haven't had much family time. So to remedy this, we went to D.C. for a weekend and had a great time. Here are some photos from our weekend there.