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Save the Neighborhood!

As a child growing up near the Pittsburgh area, I grew up with a friendly neighbor at WQED, Mr. Fred Rogers. Everyday he greeting me with the assurance that I was someone special to him. He serenaded me with songs that made me feel special..."It's such a good feeling to know you're alive!" as well as "You are my friend, you are special" and many more.

Mr. Rogers and his unlikely troupe of friends (from Mr. McFeely the delivery man who brought such amazing trinkets, gadgets and videos to Lady Aberlin, King Friday to Lady Elaine-who always scared me a bit!) would greet me every day for an adventure. Whether it was learning what firemen do or what the inside of a pretzel factory looked like, Mr. Rogers was always there in his kind, gentle manner teaching me things about the world around me.

So, while I was reading my friend's post, I realized that there is trouble in the neighborhood. It seems that some braniac at PBS has decided that Mr. Roger's o…

September Happenings

Life has been busy here in Lynchburg. The air is a tiny bit cooler today, and it is starting to feel like fall (which happens to be my favorite season).

J is back in school. Second grade now. He loves his teacher, Mrs. Albert. He has lots of his friends from last year in his class, so he is thrilled.

Tim will be starting seminary in October.

And as for me, my life is crazy at the moment. Our new arts ministry, Access Arts, will be opening in October. So, I have been interviewing staff, scheduling classes, creating promotional materials, painting classrooms, ordering supplies...just to name a few things. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do!

So, for those of you who care enough to read this little blog, this update is for you!

I am currently accepting donations towards a plane trip to London. :)