Save the Neighborhood!

As a child growing up near the Pittsburgh area, I grew up with a friendly neighbor at WQED, Mr. Fred Rogers. Everyday he greeting me with the assurance that I was someone special to him. He serenaded me with songs that made me feel special..."It's such a good feeling to know you're alive!" as well as "You are my friend, you are special" and many more.

Mr. Rogers and his unlikely troupe of friends (from Mr. McFeely the delivery man who brought such amazing trinkets, gadgets and videos to Lady Aberlin, King Friday to Lady Elaine-who always scared me a bit!) would greet me every day for an adventure. Whether it was learning what firemen do or what the inside of a pretzel factory looked like, Mr. Rogers was always there in his kind, gentle manner teaching me things about the world around me.

So, while I was reading my friend's post, I realized that there is trouble in the neighborhood. It seems that some braniac at PBS has decided that Mr. Roger's only needs to be aired once a week in a weekend time slot. I am sure they will fill the slot with something "educational" like Boo-bah or the Wiggles. YIKES!

I know the neighborhood is sentimental for me, but it is a lasting icon of good, safe children's television that actually teaches children. Trust me, I would take my soft-spoken neighbor over whiny Calliou and annoying Dora anyday!

To learn more about the changes in the neighborhood and what you can do to help, read here.


katiecutehair said…
I can't believe this! It's horrible... makes me want to cry. They can't do that to Fred!
girlie girl said…
Yeah! You jumped on the trolley too!

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