Wish Lists and Catalogs

Do you remember those times as a child when Christmas was just a few months away and the JC Penney catalog used to come?  I loved flipping through all of those pages and pages of toys picking out what I wanted for Christmas.

I remember one year, I wanted a particular Barbie house...the Barbie dream house complete with pool and furniture.  
Well, my parents were working very hard to make ends meet and when Christmas morning came, I got a Barbie house, but just not the one I wanted.  They bought me a Barbie Townhouse...complete with elevator.

I remember being disappointed.  I liked what they gave me, but I had my heart set on something else.  The townhouse was bigger...had more rooms...not to mention the elevator again.  ;)   And I did play with it everyday for a long time.

Would my parent's want to get me a dream house?  Yeah, probably.  Could they afford it? No. So they did what was best for our family.  They made the right choice.

Now I am the parent and my child wants a Nintendo DS Lite...red and black specifically.  And now I am faced with the same choice...

It seems we do turn into our parents after all.


katiecutehair said…
Sorry you have to be an adult and choose what to do... I know you will make the right decision. :)
Love you lots-

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