A Pittsburgh Gal at Heart...

So this was definitely a big night for all of us Steeler fans! What an awesome game! Both sides played their hearts out.

We haven't lived in PA for several years, but I grew up just north of Pittsburgh, so I will always be a Pittsburgh girl at heart. My guys decided this year to cheer for the Cardinals...a little bit out of orneriness and a lot because of the fact that Kurt Warner is a believer.

Towards the middle of the game, my seven year old started getting upset because the Cardinals weren't winning and Kurt Warner is a Christian.

Sometimes I think that we as believers feel that way. We are offended when something goes wrong in our lives. We act as if we should be the "winner" in every situation. But that is not true. Christ promised to be with us...but He never promised everything in our lives would magically work out simply because we are a Christian. We will face tough times...disappointment...heartache.

However, all things do work for our good. We may not see it at the time. We may only see the trouble we are facing. But if we allow Him to work, Christ uses those situations for His glory and our best good.

In the end, we do win. We have eternal life with Christ...a Super Bowl trophy doesn't even come close to that!


I'm shocked you allowed for Cardinal's cheering to take place in your house....
Good thoughts though.

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