Wonderful Wednesday

Boy, am I a slacker or what? I haven't posted in almost a month...though I am not sure why. Every time I go to post something, I just can't seem to come up with anything.

So here I am today at the urging (nagging?) of a friend. :)

This week, my son is on spring break. It has been an absolutely gorgeous week so far...70 degrees every day. Well, yesterday, I had the blessing of being a mommy at home all day long. We had such a good day. The day began with J coming into my room shouting, "Mommy! I pulled out my tooth!" I was SO glad as this tooth has been dangling in J's mouth for several weeks. (He hates when I pull them out for him). So, he proceeded to call Daddy and the grandparents. MaMa asked him what he gets for losing his tooth, so I told him that he could pick whatever he wanted to do for the day.

Well, after a little deciding over a breakfast of waffles, J decided that he wanted both of us to stay in our pajamas all day long and watch a movie. So that is what we did (although I cheated and took a shower and changed into clean jammies). We watched several episodes of Seventh Heaven on DVD (we got it from the library...our TV blew up, so we have to watch it on one of the computers).

After a while, J wanted a mayonnaise sandwich. Yep, that is it. Just plain mayo and bread. Yuck! So I added cheese to mine. Then I asked him what he wanted to do. And again, he wanted to watch more Seventh Heaven and still wear our jammies. So that is what we did until 3:00. Thankfully, we changed into our day clothes and went outside to play a little basketball. Then we went to visit Jacque at Fabulus Fudge and take her the mail like we do every day (we share a mailbox with her).

At 5PM, Daddy came home from work, and he and J played some more basketball. Then we told J since it was "J Day" he could pick where we would eat dinner...and of course, he chose McDonalds. After that we let him browse at Game Stop for a few minutes and then went to see the movie "Bolt." It was a cute movie, and J really enjoyed it.

Then J decided to ask if he could stay up as late as he wanted to, and to that, we did say no. :)

It was nice to not be at work all day, but to be able to be at home with J. I miss those times. I do love my job, but I wish I could be home more.

Anyway, that was our Wonderful Wednesday...how's that for posting?


katiecutehair said…
That was fantastic! I am so glad to hear that J lost his tooth and I am delighted that you got to spend a mommy day at home. Sorry to hear about the TV, although I know that it can be a blessing too. :) Thanks for the update friend. I like knowing what's going on with you. Even if I have to encourage (nag) you to tell me.
that sounds like quite the awesome day! I'm excited it was such a joy for you guys!!!

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