Wonder Women...the Military Wives

My husband Tim has such a burden for the military. He is currently in seminary at Liberty, pursuing a M.Div in chaplaincy so he can be a Navy chaplain. This burden led him to start the MANA Military Ministry at Thomas Road.

At first, we thought that the ministry might reach out to the ROTC guys or the Nat. Guard guys at the local armory, as well as chaplain candidates at the seminary. Turns out that God has other plans so far.

The military wives.

This group of courageous women, most with young children, are here in Lynchburg while their husbands are in boot camp or getting ready to be deployed. Such a void is left behind when their husbands leave. Who will mow the grass? Who will keep me safe at night? Will I ever have a moment to myself again? How do I really know what to expect? These questions, along with many others, are difficult questions that the military wife has to ask herself.

So now, we are faced with how we can help them. What are their needs that we as a church can meet? There are moments when I am overwhelmed at the task. My heart reaches out to them, but sometimes I wonder if the task is bigger than I am...and it is. It is God-sized.

So would you pray along with me that God would send those who are best to minister to these Wonder Women? Pray for them...for safety for their husbands and peace in their hearts while they are away.


Elizabeth said…
So amazing that you are reaching out to military wives...as one myself I understand many of the pressures, though we have not had to deal with deployments. Our lives still revolve around the air force in an unblievable way and have had to put it "first" above family vacations, anniversaries...etc. I love that you & Tim are sensitive to the life of a Military Wife!
katiecutehair said…
I am glad that God has given you a way to come along side your husband in ministry. I hope that he continues to give you passion as you bless to these ladies.

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