ShopDiscover...and Discover Savings!

In the economy that we live in, every penny counts. I am constantly looking for ways to save a little more. And I love saving money more than I love chocolate!!!

There are several things I love about using my Discover Card.

One, we get great cashback rewards...and every few months there is a new category where we can get additional cash back.

Two, they are really great about abnormal charges. If there is something that doesn't seem right, they call us to verify. I love that!

Three, ShopDiscover. Not only do I get my cash back for using my card, I can shop through ShopDiscover and get even more rewards. For example, we got an extra 5% cash back when we bought my hubby's new computer online from the Apple Store through shop Discover. I love it!

We usually "save" our cashback bonus to use on something special we both agree on. Sometimes we use it to pay our account, sometimes we get restaurant certificates, etc... There are a ton of options.

Now, I am not suggesting that you go max out your card at ShopDiscover, but if you spend wisely, you can get some great well as extra cashback bonuses.

For example, this blog "represents entry in the ShopDiscover blog promotion with a chance to win a Discover Gift Card." That is a good deal to me.!!!

So check it out! You'll be glad you did!


Mrs Gina K said…
Cool! Thanks for sharing! :) TGIF! :)

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