A whole lotta love...

My precious friend Jenny Erdman of Paper Napkin Photo rocks!

You need to hop on over to her site to read the story of Heath and Cassie. Heath started attending our military small group a couple of months ago, and he surprised us two weeks ago by telling us he was getting married...that coming Friday.

You see, Heath is in the Army and got warning orders that he would be deployed again within the next year. So, rather than waiting for the wedding they were planning next year, Heath and Cassie moved their wedding up.

Enter Jenny Erdman...a sweet friend from church who has a photography business on the side. I had asked Heath if they had a photographer, and he said no. So, I asked Jenny if she was willing to come to the small ceremony on the mountain and take some photos. She selflessly gave of her time and took some lovely photos.

Congrats to Heath and Cassie and thanks to Jenny.


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