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My Achy, Breaky Heart

Before you get on to me for using the title of a one hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus song, it really does sum up how I am feeling today.

Do you ever just have those days where you just don't know what to do as a parent? Well, today was one of them for me.

Poor J had a rough day at school. His class was supposed to work on a diorama of Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Now if you know J, you know that art is not his gift, but we always encourage him to do his best to use the creativity that God has given him. But somewhere along the line, this "attitude" comes out when it comes to doing art. Anyway, the diorama had to come home with him to work on this weekend. This was just the beginning.

After several near meltdowns, we hit the final up the playroom. A simple task, but not so simple tonight. The "attitude" came back for a visit.

Somedays, it seems like no matter what you do or say as a mom, you just can't get through. By the end of our conversation,…

Some more chocolate for your life...

Photo by Ree (The Pioneer Woman)
Ah, I love Virginia, but the weather here has been a bit So, everyone needs a little something to perk us up!

Check out this recipe from the Pioneer Woman. If you haven't checked out her cooking blog before, I am warning will be hooked! Ah, I just love it!

Today, Ree posted this recipe for truffles with sea salt. They look yummy! Check it out!!

Finally Home

I had such a great time in Springfield. It was so refreshing to have girl time with my friends, to see dear former coworkers, and to eat at all of my favorite restaurants. :) I truly felt so loved.

I think I figured out that I slept a total of 22 hours over 5 days, but it was definitely worth it!

AND, my house survived!

Going "Home"

This weekend, I am going to be going back to Springfield to visit my dear friend Katie who will be getting married soon. I am looking forward to girl time...hanging out, laughing until we are sick, and then laughing some more (not to mention mass quantities of Cheddar's spinach dip).

I also get to spend time with my dear friend Paula. It has been way too long!

I am looking forward to going, but I am wondering how I am going to feel. I haven't been back to Springfield in over two years. I miss so many things there still...and I miss the people even more. I think this will be a bittersweet time.

Anyway, T and J are going to have guys night while I am gone. Pizza, movies, camping out in the living room. J likes guys night because he can burp all he wants. Ahh, the little things in life. :)

Hopefully my house is still intact when I return!