How Could I Be Anything But Thankful?

When I look back at some of this pics over the years, I can only say how grateful I am that God gave J to us when He did. He is such evidence of God's best for our lives. My mama heart is overwhelmed and my eyes are brimming with tears of gratefulness.

From the day you were born,
to first teeth and first Thanksgivings,
to first birthdays,
to the first time pitching with Daddy's old glove,
and to first trophies...
to the many, many more memories we are so blessed to have. My heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness for my son with the loving heart, the adorable belly laugh, the competitive spirit, the best hugs and this amazing amount of potential. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for J.

It has been eight wonderful years...sure there have been trials. And yes, there was that time you put stickers all over the closet door, cut your brand new shirt at preschool, broke one of my favorite figurines, or that day when you came home from school crying because of the bullies... but son, the blessings way outweigh those trials. I hope that Daddy and I will always seek God's wisdom as we help mold you into a man of character.

I love you, J. And I am so very thankful to be your mommy!


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