My parents...

I am so grateful for godly parents. I really have such amazing parents.

My dad has such a great sense of humor...I like to think I get my sense of humor from him (along with my Groucho Marx eyebrows). He is one of the hardest working people I know...I think he only has two speeds he runs on...turbo and stop. If he isn't working hard, then you'll find him snoozing on the couch. :)

He is such a great Grandpa, too. He calls Jonathan every day after school to see how his day went. He spoils him rotten, too.

I love my dad so much! I think I'll always be Daddy's girl.

Now my mom is so adorable...I just love her to bits! She is smart and hard-working. Everyone depends on her. She is a rock.

She is also such a prayer warrior. I remember when I lived at home, seeing my mom on her knees first thing every morning. Her love for God shines from her face.

Now, my dad's sense of humor comes in handy with my mom. It's like having an instant laugh track. She just thinks almost everything he does is funny!

I am truly grateful to have such wonderful parents who would do just about anything for any one. I am truly blessed!

(...and I have a new appreciation for them now that I am a parent. Sorry for all I put you through...and for using permanent marker to decorate the walls...and for coloring underneath the dining room table...and for ripping my wallpaper down...and for talking back...and....)


katiecutehair said…
Smoosh... I love your parents too!!!

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