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Glorious Chocolate!

Have you seen the Pioneer Woman's post today? I have to make these yummy looking cupcakes soon!!! Check them out!!

He's Growing Up...

So J just got his first pair of glasses this week. He was soooooo excited. We let him pick out what he wanted. His only stipulation is that he wanted blue glasses. He looks so grown up with them on.
Yay, J! We love you!

Remembering Red

My dear uncle Red passed away Saturday morning. Today was his funeral, and I couldn't be there because of the snow in Pennsylvania. So for a few moments, I would like to remember Uncle Red at my own little blog memorial.
Uncle Red is my maternal grandfather's brother. He and my grandpa were the best of buddies. I cannot remember a time in my life when Uncle Red wasn't there for us. From the time we were little to two weeks ago when I last saw him, he always greeted me with a hug and a kiss and a loud declaration of "Hellooooooo Dolly-baby."
He was 97 years old. He lived a long, full life and was loved by many.
He was a man who loved others deeply and cared about everyone around. Up until a few years ago, he would leave his home early in the morning to go shovel snow or mow the lawn for the "old people" (who would be about 30 years younger than him).
I remember him always giving us a crisp $5 bill when we would go visit. He would pretend that he …