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A blustery day

Today feels like something out of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Hope we all don't blow away!

The Trendy Owl

You NEED to check out my friend Jocelyn's BRAND NEW Etsy shop. She makes the most amazing fabric flowers! They are as fun as she is!
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I come from an Italian family...from my size you can tell that the love language is FOOD. "Do you want more? No? Here...just a little bit. Finish it up." Yeah, I am in shape...ROUND! But, I digress...
My mother is an amazing cook! She can make just about anything, and it tastes delicious. So, I grew up "helping" in the kitchen. I am not an amazing cook, but my food is edible.
When I got married, one of the things that I could NOT make was pancakes. I knew how to make them, but inevitably, they would burn, or be raw inside, or be to chewy, etc...
Someone was kind enough to teach me to watch the bubbles on the top burst before flipping...
But, I never could master the art of the pancake...until today.
If you read my blog, you know that I love, love, LOVE, the Pioneer Woman's recipes. They aren't healthy, but they sure are yummy!
I was out of pancake mix, so I checked out the PW's site, and sure enough there is was...the recipe for Perfect Pancakes.


I was cleaning out a couple of drawers know, the ones that you just stash stuff in because you have no idea what to do with it. Yeah, the ones you hate to clean out.
Well, in my cleaning, I came across a few treasures. No, nothing worth anything monetarily, but priceless to me.
There was the card J made for me in Sunday School a few years ago for mother's favorite Lucky Charms watch with the orange band that used to wear in old Christmas card from my best friend...letters and photos.. and a plethora of other things. Each is a treasure because of the person that it makes me think of. I found myself smiling, giggling and even teary-eyed.
I am sure we all have treasures like that lying around. Take a minute sometime soon and look through those old photo albums, or clean out your junk drawer. See if you can find a few treasures to make you smile.
Who knows what you will find...

My Katie-kates

For those of you who don't know, this is my Katie.
We met in Missouri when we worked at Mardel together (where this ridiculous picture was taken). I never thought that Katie and I would be friends...she used to walk by my desk in the morning with her scowly face on (yeah, she's not a morning person). I used to think she didn't like me. We started spending time together when I found out she lived down the street from me and didn't have a washer and dryer. So every Thursday evening, Katie would come to my house and do laundry while we watched Survivor. We got to know each other better and better over those weeks. Soon, it would change into dinner at our house, too, before Survivor came on. I always looked forward to Thursdays.
As time went on, we both moved on to different jobs, and both of us moved (we ended up living about a half an hour away from each other. Still Katie would come on Thursdays for dinner and Survivor. We got to be better and better friends, n…