I was cleaning out a couple of drawers know, the ones that you just stash stuff in because you have no idea what to do with it. Yeah, the ones you hate to clean out.

Well, in my cleaning, I came across a few treasures. No, nothing worth anything monetarily, but priceless to me.

There was the card J made for me in Sunday School a few years ago for mother's favorite Lucky Charms watch with the orange band that used to wear in old Christmas card from my best friend...letters and photos.. and a plethora of other things. Each is a treasure because of the person that it makes me think of. I found myself smiling, giggling and even teary-eyed.

I am sure we all have treasures like that lying around. Take a minute sometime soon and look through those old photo albums, or clean out your junk drawer. See if you can find a few treasures to make you smile.

Who knows what you will find...


amtP said…
Aw, the Lucky Charms watch!!!
Miss you, sista!
Sometimes the junk drawer holds the dearest of treasures! I told my neighbor the other day, "If anything ever happens to me, please go straight to this drawer and save everything!"

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It would have been super to have spent time together when you lived here, but I felt/feel close to you just knowing you were watching over my ma-maw. Any friend of hers was a saint of mine! Thank you!

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