A few happy things

This week has been a little rough, so I decided to list a few things on my happy list for each day (thanks, Canadian Saver!)

  • My new necklace from Jocelyn (at the Trendy Owl). Sooooo adorable! I felt like a million bucks!
  • Hot chocolate with extra whipped cream
  • A phone call from a old friend
  • A opportunity to make new friend

This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!


katiecutehair said…
Sorry things have been rough lately. Maybe I'll see if I can work out a phonecall from an old friend. :-)
I saw on Jocelyn's blog you had won!

Lucky, lucky girlie!
gina said…
I recently ordered several of her headbands- they are so fun and pretty! i saw you had one the necklace (congrats!) and couldn't believe that ME of all people had never heard of a blog named Love, Laughter, and Chocolate and had to come right over!!

Friends and chocolate do make things better. :)
Canadian Saver said…
I like taking time to be grateful for my happy things because no matter how bad things seem, there is always one or 2 things that are happy in our day :-)

Hope things get better!

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