A little April foolin'

Sooooooo, if you know me, I cannot let April 1 go by without fooling someone...

I posted this on our copier in our office (note: I stole this idea from someone else).

I e-mailed my co workers and told them that someone had upgraded our copier while they were out, and they left instructions. When my co-worker "K" came back, she needed to make a copy and was standing at the machine saying her name. The more she said it the louder she got.
She said, "It's not working." So I told her she needed to follow all of the steps...and she did...a few times.

So she said, "I feel funny talking to a copier." Since she couldn't get the "voice recognition" to work, she gave up and did it the old way.

Meanwhile, another co-worker and I were in tears in my cubicle from laughing so hard. He finally told her "April Fools!" and we got beat, but lived to tell about it!


katiecutehair said…
That's my girl... :-)

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