Dusting Off the Ol' Blog

Well, it has been absolutely forever since I last blogged.  Two and a half years.  A lot has happened in that time!  J is now as tall as I am and has braces.  Tim's been to the west coast and back for an amazing mission trip...and me, well, not much has changed in my world...

However, I've had a couple requests from folks (you know who you are!) to start posting, but the final encouragement is a giveaway I've entered with The Evolution of Mom blog (seriously, check it out!). They are doing a black Friday giveaway for an iPad, and BOY, could I use one.

I had some $ saved up from a side job to buy one, and then poof, my hubby's car needs a new engine. Bye, bye $.  So, I am going to cross my fingers and hope I win.  So I am dusting off the ol' blog so I can get another entry.  :)


Rachel said…
Thanks for entering, Becky. Good luck!!


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