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Prayer Request for a Family...and a Praise for Another

Please pray for this sweet family and their little boy Ethan. They are going through such a difficult time.

And a praise for the Lawrenson family. Tricia is supposed to be released from the hospital today!

God is good. He is in control of both situations...

Two Weeks and Counting

I am sooooo excited! My wonderful hubby is allowing me to go on a week-long trip to London to visit my wonderful friend Katie. Though I am a little nervous traveling internationally by myself for the very first time, I am so thrilled for the opportunity to visit her (and see the sights of course!).

So, Kates, can't wait to see you, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye and about a million other things!

Now, if I could only decide what to pack...

The Big, Bad B-day

Our little guy had his birthday party this weekend. It was such a great day! He had a lot of wonderful friends and family there. (We missed you Katie!).

Are you smarter than a first grader?

My son is in first grade...typical child...thinks he knows everything and then some. :)

But, he sure has taught me a why everything should be dipped in Ranch dressing, and why tank tops should be worn in the winter, and why it is reasonable to ask for a horse even though you live in the city.

Seriously, he is a giver...loves to bring me dandelions (guess he doesn't know much about what allergic means yet!). He is so happy to bring mommy a flower.

He is a forgiver. When I do something wrong, he always says, "Oh, Mom, it's okay."

He is a good friend. He hugs everyone he knows. He likes to make people happy.

He is fun. There is always something fun to do when he is me, I have learned more about sports than I ever dreamed possible.

Sometimes, I think we need to take note of the simple things. Love each other. Give instead of receive. No matter what you do, have fun. And, most importantly, forgive.

I hope to remember to be as smart as my …

New Lungs for Tricia

Tricia Lawrenson ( had a double lung transplant today. Praise the Lord! Their story has touched so very many people, and you cannot help but think that God is looking at Nate and Tricia and saying "Well done, my good and faithful servants."

Tricia's CF was taking away her life. Now someone had to give their life so that she could have new lungs. It is difficult to wrap your brain around. One family is mourning, another is rejoicing. While I am grateful and happy that she is so blessed, I am sad for the family that lost their loved one. Please pray for both families.

Hug your loved ones. And be grateful for the chance to live...

The Smelly List

It's springtime in Lynchburg, and the trees are in full bloom. (so are my allergies!) I was thinking about smells. There are the ones we hate...bad breath, cigarette smoke, paper mills. And there are the ones we love...vanilla, a clean baby, the smell just before a rainstorm.

What are your favorite and least favorite smells?