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My Little Champion

Yesterday, J. had his last baseball game for the season.  He did such a great job, and we are so proud of him.   

Back to London Town...with a True Brit

On Friday afternoon, I headed to London again.  I started my day in Notting Hill as I visited the market on Portobello Road.  The market is MUCH bigger than I ever dreamed!  There were blocks and blocks of antiques, fruits and vegetables, clothing, collectibles.  You name it; it was probably there.
From there, I went to Grosvenor Square (in the Mayfair district--referred to in Pride and Predjudice).  There is a statue there of Roosevelt, and the American Embassy is there as well.
After that, I went to St. Paul's and took a few pictures there.  I took the tube to Bank and met Katie at the Lloyd's of London building.
Katie and I then took the tube to St. Pancras, where we were staying at the Premier Inn that night.
We met her friend and co-worker Dave at Trafalgar Square that evening.  He took us around London and showed us lots of amazing things that only someone who has lived there for a while might know.  I enjoyed meeting him and spending time with a true Brit.  He took us all th…

Two Places at Once

On Thursday, I decided not to head into London, but to head to Greenwich.  Greenwich is where the Prime Meridian is located.  All of the world time zones are based from Greenwich. I rode the train to London, then took another train to Greenwich.  It was another sunny, breezy and beautiful day in England.
When I came out of the station, I headed towards the downtown area.  I love the adorable shops that line the streets!  I located the visitors center and got a map of the city as well as looked around at the shop and museum there.
The visitors center is actually located on the campus of the Royal Naval College and National Maritime Museum.  The museum is quite nice, and the buildings of the college are lovely.  The clipper, the Cutty Sark is also being refurbished on site.
Through a beautiful park and up a massive hill is the location of the Royal Observatory.  The Prime Meridian actually passes through the building.  At night, they illuminate the Prime Meridian by laser light.  

The big si…

An Amazing Trip to London

I don't even know where to start to describe the amazing trip I took to London.  
First of all, just spending time with Katie was worth the trip.  No one makes me laugh as hard as she does!  I think both of us were in serious need of some laughter!  Plus, as you can read in the previous entry, it was Katie's birthday.  Yet another wonderful reason to visit her.
I will try to recap from where I left off in the previous entry. Wednesday, I went back into London for more sight seeing by myself.  I decided to just take the train to town with Katie when she went to work, but I did not buy a tube pass that day.  Though the tube is nice, you miss so much of the character of the city.  I started the day by heading towards Trafalgar Square.  I walked past Downing Street, just so I could say that I have been there.  
I went to Trafalgar with the intent to spend some time at the National Gallery, but it didn't open until 10, so I walked down through Oxford Street through Green Park and …

Happy Birthday, Katie!

So today was Katie's birthday, and after a late start to my day, I decided to explore her town of Weybridge.

It is an adorable little town lined with quaint shops and cafes. I ventured into several shops, but I have to say that I enjoyed the grocery store the most. I spent an hour walking the aisles and looking at all of the unique food items. (Did you know they call cookies "digestives" and "biscuits"?) The bread aisle was amazing with all of the varieties of fresh breads. I had a hard time deciding on what to purchase, so I ended up with stuff to make tacos for Katie (I brought the seasoning with me on the plane because they don't sell it here). I also bought yummy dark chocolate melt in the middle puddings (molten chocolate cakes) to celebrate her bday.

I thought I would be adventurous for lunch and purchased a veggie pasty. It is kind of like a puff pastry with cooked filling inside. They sell them with meats and gravies, but I had the veggie kind. It was…

Loving London!

Well, it was my first full day in London. Katie and I had a lovely day...breezy and gorgeous and filled with a lot of fun.
We started out at the London Eye. It was amazing to see the city from so high in the air. I highly recommend it to anyone travelling here.
Then we went to Parliament Square and saw Big Ben and took about a hundred pictures. We went to Westminster Abbey. It was amazingly beautiful. It was hard to believe that many of the people who were buried there have been dead longer than America was a country. Poets corner was my favorite...the graves of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters along with so many other amazing authors. I literally got a bit teary-eyed when I read the inscription on the tombstone of David Livingstone.
I ate a lovely tomato and mozzarella sandwich on the lawn of Westminster. Yum!
Later in the day we visited Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace which was truly a sight to behold. I plan to go back tomorrow to try to see the changing of the guard.
We stroll…

To my boys

When I am down, you lift me up.

When I am happy, you rejoice with me.

When I am bored, you make life fun.

When I am sad, you comfort me.

When I am tired, you allow me to rest.

When I am irrational, you make things sane again.

When I am silly, you laugh with me.

You are loving, forgiving, kind, patient, fun-loving, and more than I could ever ask for or deserve.

I love you guys!