J's Fabulus Job

We live behind a putt-putt course and a fudge shop.  Every day, J takes the mail to Jacque, the fudge shop owner.  He has been doing this since just after we moved in last September.  

He loves Jacque and spends lots of time up at her shop.  She is such a sweet lady, and she loves J's visits almost as much as he does!

A month ago, she started to let him push the buttons on the cash register.  He has become quite good at running the register.  :)  So, she gave him at baseball hat with the shop's logo on it.  He decided that he needed a shirt, too.  So, we enlarged her logo and made him an iron-on shirt.  

Now, he gets a serious face every day after we get home.  He runs to his room, gets his hat, and says.  Well, I have to go to work.    :) 

One day, a nice gentleman gave him an $18 tip.   Needless to say, J LOVES his "job."


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